Mysore, named for Mysore, India where the practice originated, is a self‐paced class allowing students to receive individual instruction while learning the Ashtanga yoga practice. All levels are welcome from new beginners to advanced practitioners looking to deepen their understanding of the practice. In the beginning, new students receive more attention. As they become familiar with the practice, they are allowed more independence, getting adjustments and assistance only when needed.

How is Mysore style different from other led classes?

Since Mysore class is self‐paced, students are not limited to the pace and rhythm of a led class or an instructor. While led classes are a great way to learn about the breath and vinyasa, Mysore‐style is where you follow your own breath to deepen your focus and meditation skills. In a led class, you may just skim over a new or difficult pose, but the Mysore style provides a unique opportunity to work one‐on‐one with the teacher to progress and experience the benefits of yoga practice. The Ashtanga system is not complete without incorporating both styles of learning. Typically, Ashtanga is practiced six days a week, with 1‐2 of the classes being led.

Do I need to know the sequence before coming to a Mysore style class?

Absolutely not; the Mysore class is where students are meant to learn the series! The teacher will guide you through the series pose‐by‐pose; teaching Surya Namaskara A first and leading each student through the practice based on their personal needs.

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