We offer three ways to begin learning & practicing
Ashtanga Yoga – all of these are equally appropriate
for beginners of any level:
1.) Mysore Style classes:

Mysore Style is for Everyone: Our most accessible class is Mysore Style. It is for students of all levels and the best place for anyone to start. Whether you are young or old, beginner or long time practitioner, flexible or stiff, strong or not, this is the best class. The only thing required to attend is a desire to learn & practice Yoga!

One-on-one Attention: In Mysore Style, you will get individual attention within a group setting. You are taught by your teacher in the Ashtanga Yoga method at a pace specifically tailored for you, your body, your level of flexibility and strength.

Flexible Start Time: Mysore Style is an open practice time, meaning you may come and start your practice anytime between the scheduled hours. Simply leave enough time to finish your practice before the scheduled hour’s end.

2.) Intro to Ashtanga Courses:

This monthly, 4-week course is for those who want to learn the fundamental aspects of Ashtanga Yoga. The basic technique for breathing, meditative gazing (drishti), & internal core-strength (bandhas) are covered. Students will be guided through the initial sequence of postures building onto the practice each week. The course provides a great foundation for transitioning into the Mysore practice. For new students, the course fee also includes unlimited access to all Mysore classes.

3.) Mysore Beginner Drop-in classes:

These classes are perfect for anyone interested in learning the basics of a Mysore Style Ashtanga practice.

All are welcome!

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