I began my journey with yoga in 2006 mostly as an extracurricular activity at University and although it has been a journey wrought with twists and turns and bumps and bruises, I immediately fell in love with what was happening to me -I finally found something that was bringing me back into my body.  I did yoga teacher training through Cityoga and toyed with being a teacher off and on.  I found Ashtanga by mistake after arriving to a hot yoga class to discover that the teacher was sick.  So I stumbled into the Mysore room and was instantly hooked.  I kept coming back over and over and had a daily committed practice right away.  

I met Taylor about six months after I had been practicing and our teacher/student relationship progressed cautiously on my part, mostly because I didn’t know how to trust people because I didn’t know how to trust myself.  I kept coming back because I knew I could learn a lot about myself through working with him.  

Since 2014 I have been training extensively in the healing arts of Massage, Advanced Cupping, Spiritual, and Body Talk Therapies.  I use my years of study and practice of yoga and breath control work (Pranayama) to assist in helping clients gain better awareness of their own bodies and triggers.  I currently own and run Trinity Body-Mind and Massage Therapy.  

I am a trauma survivor with complex-PTSD and also in recovery from addiction and have been consistently clean and sober since July 20th, 2009.  

Outside of helping others, I thoroughly enjoy the study of self. I believe that knowing thyself is a key to understanding the Universe, God. I love practicing mindful meditation and find that the more I am present in all that I do, the more I pay attention to my thoughts and behavior, the more I am relieved of suffering. I am interested in all things metaphysical and I love having deep conversations. I used to race triathlon and continue to swim, bike, and run for fun. I try to maintain an approach of playful curiosity about the world. I am highly intuitive which assists me in helping others. I love music and have been in a few bands over the years (singing and playing the bass). I love to read and listen to audiobooks and podcasts. I love the outdoors and being near water. I have 1 dog (Peanut) and 2 cats (Dexter and Paz) whom I love very much being a human parent to.

Heartbreak Kids Season 2
Heartbreak Kids Season 2
Christina Cooper

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