When I was in India last January, our community at AYC grew a few new faces. Caeliegh was one of them. I immediately was struck by how hard she worked hard in the Mysore room despite being new. As the months went by, she became more committed to the practice, and as this practice grew for her – things that seemed impossible or out of reach for her for her, in the beginning, became possible.

Caeleigh is an artist by trade. This episode where I sat down with her was the first time we had actually spoken at length. She is a committed student and getting to know her has been a pleasure. She showed me some of her artwork and we recently put up two huge pieces inside of AYC. If you come and visit, the two prominent abstract pieces are hers. Her expression fits so well with the energy she brings to the room each morning.

Heartbreak Kids Season 1
Heartbreak Kids Season 1

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