Michalina Stempien

The Heartbreak Kids: Season 2.9

Today we welcome Michalina Stempień to the Heartbreak Kids! Michalina is a devoted practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga yoga who is currently teaching in Oxford, England.  She is also one of my favorite students. Check out her bio below??

I’ve started my adventure with yoga about 6 years ago when I was living in Lodz, Poland. Unexpectedly love for Ashtanga came combined with love for my first teacher and it was a combination of two intensive feelings. It took me couple of years to realise that relation with my teacher was toxic and I was basically addicted to her. It took me another few years to change my life so I could let all these feelings go and to separate my practice from them.

Everything has changed about three years ago, when I decided to leave my current life behind and rebuild it from the scratch in Oxford, UK. Few months later I’ve also met Taylor. He became my Teacher and got a huge impact in my life and my practice.

Day after day all things in my life has started to change for better and today I’m happier than ever. I’ve opened my mind and my heart again to people and feelings. I found the love of my life and I got engaged. I changed my job so I can teach yoga regularly now. I also started organising workshops.

So here is my story about how toxic relations can be as dangerous as drugs and alcohol. How the right Teacher can help us to believe in ourselves again. And how through Ashtanga we can find our path and change our lives so we can make our dreams come true. I hope you find it helpful and inspiring.

Thank you for letting me share.

Heartbreak Kids Season 2
Heartbreak Kids Season 2
Michalina Stempien

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