The Heartbreak Kids: Season 2.27

Shaun Jones is a yoga teacher and public health researcher in San Antonio, TX. Shaun moved to San Antonio to finish a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and after attending a few Ashtanga led classes, he signed up for his first Mysore class during Taylor Hunt’s workshop in the spring of 2016 without even knowing what a Mysore class was. After flirting with the practice over the next several months, he committed to a six-day a week practice on December 1st. He has since traveled to Mysore and NYC to practice with Sharath Jois and has traveled to Columbus and other cities to practice with Taylor. A dedicated yoga practice helps him manage anxiety and also develop a deep focus for his work.

Shaun recently completed his Master’s in Public Health, studying health promotion and behavioral science.  During this time he completed a thesis on people who practice Ashtanga to support their recovery from substance use disorder.  He uses his public health skills to help evaluate the Trini Foundation’s programs. He currently works as a research scientist at the UT Health San Antonio on a large state-funded project to deliver evidence-based treatment to people with opioid use disorder.
On top of all of this, Shaun also teaches Mysore class 4 days a week at Hamsa School of Yoga and Ayurveda. His philosophy to teaching is simple: Just showing up on your mat every morning is the practice.  Everything that happens after that is a bonus.
Heartbreak Kids Season 2
Heartbreak Kids Season 2
Shaun Jones

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